Tall and Tan, Healthy, Wealthy and Happy, He's...Mr. Success!

Dear Mr. Success: I hope you can help me. I'd been saving for two years to attend auto mechanics school but my life's savings have now gone to pay my medical bills from an accident at work. I lost my job. Worst of all, I've just learned that I'm being evicted from my apartment for being two months behind in the rent. If I could just get the training I need, I could achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an auto mechanic. I love cars and think I could be really happy fixing them for a living. But I don't know how to get the money. You're a successful person, do you have any advice for me? -- Troubled in Trenton

Dear Troubled: Being fifth generation Harvard educated, I certainly understand how important education and training can be to a career. I found the million dollar trust fund my grandfather set up for me in 1948 to be of invaluable help in funding my schooling. Is there a chance you've a trust fund that's slipped your mind? If not, perhaps someone you know can lend a helping hand. My wife's father, president and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, has usually been willing to fund my ventures. Do you know any CEOs? That might be one way to go. Then too, I've occasionally relied on some of my polo teammates and golfing associates when I needed to raise capital. Do you play polo? Or belong to a country club? These are the kind of relationships that can often prove fruitful. If you're not already a member of an exclusive country club, I urge you to join one at your earliest opportunity. Most importantly, keep thinking positively! I always have and look where it's gotten me!

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