In this issue, we continue a tradition begun last Christmas, in which I turn over my humble little rag to my readers. I've asked a handful of BRETTnews subscribers to send their thoughts about Christmas. I assign these contributors no specific subject, no point-of-view; I only ask that they share their sentiments regarding this holiday. Within, you'll find many different views...some reverent, others skeptical, some joyous, others somber. We are grateful for the efforts and talents of all who have contributed to this issue.

Page One: I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas, Mate

Christmases My Mother Remembers

Mele Kalikimaka

A Clickety-Clackety Christmas

The Sharing of Traditions

Why This Formerly Jewish Atheist Celebrates Christmas

Action Figures Sold Separately

Yes, Donna, There is a...

A Time of Peace and Wallpaper Snowflakes

BRETTnews #30
for the
PalmPilot (16k)