Greetings from Hollywood! This month's safety tip is a deceptively universal one. Most folks might assume that the only young children unable to read labels are in danger of accidental poisoning. It's not true! A client of mine, that scatterbrain Sean Young, learned the hard way that it pays to read labels carefully. Some years ago, she was on a vitamin and mineral supplements kick, downing megadoses daily. One day, she went to her medicine cabinet while gabbing on her cordless phone and grabbed a dozen each of what she thought were C caplets and B complex tablets. She swallowed them at a gulp, only to realize, to her horror, that she'd just taken megadoses of Ex-Lax and Vivarin. She didn't sleep for three days and couldn't leave her bathroom for four. Luckily, she had the cordless and spent the time stumping for the role of Catwoman in BATMAN RETURNS (to no avail, alas!). Needless to say, she's much more careful now about the pills she takes and so should you be! Until next time, from Hollywood, this is Sara saying...Stay Safe!.

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