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Junior's Obsessed with Pretty Woman

Dear Rex: Please help us. My husband and I are frantic with worry. Our thirteen year old son, Darwin, has become obsessed with Julia Roberts. We know that an interest in girls is normal at his age and we don't want to overreact but he talks of almost nothing else. He uses all the money he earns on his paper route to buy posters, T-shirts, videos. He owns every movie she ever made, even Hook! I mean, I used to have a thing for Bobby Sherman, I know what it's like but this seems unhealthy somehow. Should we talk to him about it, try to wean him from her a bit or just allow it to run its course? -- Mom in Maine.

Dear Mom: I can understand your concern but I think your son is exhibiting normal behavior for his age. His body is awakening, his hormones are raging and Julia Roberts just happens to be the recipient of his attentions. I remember fondly my youthful obsession with Lassie. God, she was beautiful! So sleek, so classy. I rushed home every day to watch the reruns on TV (I was somewhat torn between Lassie and June Lockhart but that's a dilemma that is unique to me, I believe). I thought of little else but that beautiful collie. Then, one day, I read that Lassie was male. That was, shall we say, deflating. I suspect that when your son one day learns that Julia was once engaged to Keifer Sutherland, all the air will go out of his balloon, too. Just give it time.

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