Regular readers of this column know that I live, and base my practice, in Los Angeles. Occasionally, though, I am called upon to travel. A couple of years ago, I received a call from Darryl Hannah, a longtime client She was filming a movie in New York City and had, she said, a bad feeling about her surroundings. I have always urged my clients to trust their instincts so I took the redeye out that night.

Unfortunately, even at that, I was too late. It seems Darryl was rollerblading down Fifth Avenue in the 40's when a sidewalk vendor selling knockoff Hard Rock Cafe T-shirts caught her eye. In that brief instant of lost concentration, whoshould come biking from the other direction? None other than Matthew Broderick. And, incredibly, Jackie Mason had just instructed his driver to pull over so he could pick up a faux Gucci bag for his new ladylove from the same vendor. Jackie opened the limo door, Matthew rammed it from one direction and Danyl went splat from the other. Thankfully, no one was hurt and I got two new clients, on Darryl's recommendation, to boot. But, please, be careful in city traffic, it's a jungle out there! And so, from Hollywood, this is Sara saying....Stay Safe!

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