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Tabby? Fido? Or call the whole thing off?

Dear Rex: I have fallen in love with a wonderful man I'll call Peter. We're talking about getting married but I'm a bit worried that we might prove incompatible in the long run.I was born and raised in Georgia, he's a city boy from Brooklyn. I'm a staunch Republican, he's a loyal Democrat. I'm a Southern Baptist, he's an Orthodox Jew. I have always loved cats while he is strictly a dog person. Do you think we can overcome these differences and find happiness together? -- Anxious in Athens.

Dear Anxious: I'm a great believer in diversity in relationships. Certainly my wife and I are from different backgrounds, as you might expect. As l perused the list of differences you detailed, I saw nothing that couldn't be overcome. Until the last item. I wonder how your saintly significant other, an admirer of the canine set, managed to fall for the sort of woman who can abide those vile mice-eating, sandbox-defiling, livingroom- furniture-scratching, dark-pants-rubbing, tree-climbing felines. My aduice for you? Seek intensive therapy right away. And Peter? He should drop you like a hot potato.

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