Greetings from Hollywood! I don't believe I've ever had a busier time in my lengthy career as a safety consultant than the last few weeks. The recent earthquake here in the Los Angeles area has all of Hollywod in a dither. Fortunately, most of my clients avoided injury or serious damage to their homes.

The one exception is a certain tatooed actress with a serious stubborn streak who has long ignored my pleas to take that Best Actress Oscar she won back in the 80's down from the top of her bookcase. She left it there and when the quake hit, down came Oscar, plunking her right on the head. Luckily, she was wearing one of her huge wigs at the time and that cushioned the blow just enough. She got a sizable lump but the only real damage was to her pride. Needless to say, Oscar is now locked up tight in her wall safe, to be brought out only for special occasions.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my readers for the many cards and letters sent over these last few weeks, expressing concern for my safety. I came through the quake with flying colors and business is better than ever! And so, from Hollywood, this is Sara saying...Stay Safe!

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