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No Disneyworld For This Dad

Dear Rex: My wife and I are involved in a disagreement that is threatening our marriage. I suggested we take a trip this summer alone, just the two of us. She contends that this would be thoughtless of us, that our three children would feel rejected, even abandoned. I love our kids very much, of course, but miss the old days when Irene and I could indulge in romantic getaways alone. I don't think I could take another summer of Mickey and Minnie! Any thoughts? -- P.D. in DC.

Dear P.D.: I certainly don't think you're being at all unreasonable. After all, parents are deserving of some privacy and time to themselves. And while I understand your wife's concerns, I think they are easily addressed. It's important for kids to realize that Mom and Dad are people, too, that they like to have fun and need time alone. Sending the kids to camp, say, or to stay with grandparents while Mom and Dad get away, helps your children develop a sense of independence and self-sufficiency. I wouldn't, however, recommend boarding the kids at a kennel. My parents did this with me and I still have cage nightmares.

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