We're trying something new in this issue of BRETTnews, beginning what we hope will be a long standing holiday tradition for this humble little rag. You'll find within a handful of pieces written by our readers, as they share their thoughts on the Christmas season. We've given Rex, Sara, Dr. Billings and Criswell the month off but, never fear, they'll be back next month. And from all of us at BRETTnews to you and yours, we wish you a joyous holiday season.

Page One:
All I Want For Christmas is My 2-Door Coupe

Christmas in Oklahoma

Christmas Past

A Skeptic's Christmas

One Day Sale!

Yes, Janet, There is a Santa Claus

A Homemade Christmas

Hats for the Holidays

Santa for the 90's

Forgiveness at Christmastime

BRETTnews #26
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PalmPilot (17k)